“Flower of Life” Mandala necklace



The center of this mandala is the symbol of the „flower of life“. It conveys harmony and stands for perfection and infinity. As a pattern of creation, it can be continued indefinitely in the circular repetition and therefore stands for growth. It is also an excellent symbol for activating self-healing powers. The flower of life is one of the most powerful sacred geometric shapes.

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Handmade Mandala Wooden Jewellery “Flower of Life”

  • The workpiece is finished with original Austrian Swarovski® crystals.
  • The mandala was first designed by hand on paper and then laser-engraved into the biodegradable wood.
  • Due to the light material of the jewellery, it is particularly comfortable to wear.
  • The length of the chain can easily be changed by sliding knots. Wear the necklace as short or long as you want.

The symbol of the flower of life conveys harmony and stands for perfection and infinity. As a pattern of creation, it can continue indefinitely in the circular repetition and grow. That’s why it stands for universal growth. It can support you on your Inner Growth Journey to yourself. If you feel a little powerless and want to regain energy, take the mandala pendant and gently put it on your chest at the level of the thymus gland.

Product details:

Diameter pendant: 45 mm
Wood thickness: 3 mm
Swarovski® crystal color: Crystal White
Material beads: Wooden beads, antioxidants metal beads
Material chain: Cotton white


I place the highest demands on the quality of MandalArt products. Therefore, it is also a matter of heart for me to manufacture the workpieces in Portugal and to finish them by hand with high-quality materials.

Please remove the piece of jewellery while showering or bathing. Since the material is made of wood, the white color layer may peel off. Of course, you can carefully clean the piece with a damp cloth.

I wish you from my heart lots of joy with it.


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