About MandalArt

I am offering unique, handmade mandala products of natural materials – consciously made in Portugal.


All mandalas are first designed with pencil and ink pens on paper.


For my products I use biodegradable, natural materials.

Made in Portugal

Designed and lovingly made in Portugal, but delivered to all the world.

Signs of


Hey, I'm Julia

I would call myself a [LIFE] designer and [SOUL] surfer. I have a great passion for nature, spending time outside and living my dreams. From an early age, I knew that design would be “my path.” At the age of 14 I started to follow my calling and went to the high school for graphic and communication design in Vienna. Afterwards I studied information design at the University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria. As I travelled around the world for 10 months and explored the beauty of nature, I realized that Mother Nature provides all the inspirations we’ll ever need.

I simply love what I do. Spending time on creating mandalas feels like a gift to me. Passion, Universal trust and love are my motivation.

Julia Unterberger

My source of inspiration is nature

Observing and learning from nature with its countless patterns, shapes and colours is my secret of inspiration. While practicing a free open mind I am opening myself up as a channel of creative force and allowing those energies to materialize through me in our world. During meditation, yoga, surfing and being in nature, mandala ideas just enter my mind like butterflies – colourful and volatile.

Mother Nature represents the universe for me – with it’s creativity, its colours, its patterns, its power, its beauty, its diversity, its purity, its simplicity, its silence, its phenomenal solutions, its adaptability, its sounds, its resourcefulness, its flexibility – simply its fascinating perfection.

Why do you draw mandalas?

My vision is to inspire people on their personal path of growth with my mandala signs. At the beginning of every mandala design process is a clear intention chosen in love.

I paint mandalas in a meditative state of full confidence in Universal creative energy. The magic of letting go – the sheer confidence in the creative source brings a wonderful sense of freedom in the design process. When I start designing a mandala, I have set an intention, but I don’t know exactly how the mandala will look like in the end. It’s an inspirational process in which I trust my intuition. Curiosity, trust, fun, joy and serenity are my personal keys when it comes to drawing mandalas.


What fascinates you about mandalas?

The fact that mandalas are found all around the world in different cultures. These colorful circles and squares of patterns and shapes occur almost everywhere. During my travels to Asia, the far East or Oceania countries I discovered that mandalas follow a common sense of energy, of wholeness, of integrity. While the monks created impressive mandala artworks with coloured sand in a meditative state of mind, the indigenous tribes of New Zealand tattooed tribal-round patterns dedicated to their gods of nature. The geometric patterns of the Islamic religion, which I have found in Russia, Morocco and the Emirates, have been following mathematical rules based on cosmological principles for centuries. The sacred geometry that we find in nature’s most beautiful creations fascinates me enormously. The understanding that there are divine connections between sound frequencies and the mandala patterns created on a tonoscope has changed my whole world.

What does MandalArt do?

I create mandalas for different purposes and intentions. The wide arc of my mandala work ranges from jewellery to Montessori-inspired wooden toys to lamps, customized wall decorations and much more. I love when people contact me to design mandala symbols for marriages, births or occasions.

In my mandala workshops, I invite the participants to use the geometric shape “circle” as a symbol or reflection of their inner state at this moment. My goal is to let the people’s creativity run wild and to unfold their creative potential.

Mandalas – Signs of Healing

The mandala is about the journey to the center. It is a symbol that signifies wholeness and inner transformation. The mandala is a symbol with unlimited potential – it is a spiritual map to help guide us back to our natural state.

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